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Midlands and East Midlands
South England
Housing provider

Guinness Partnership

The Guinness Partnership was founded in 1890 to improve people’s lives and create possibilities for them. We are one of the largest affordable housing and care providers in England.

Guinness is committed to improving people’s lives by providing as many high-quality affordable homes as possible, and the housing and care services that customers most need. Guinness has more than 140,000 customers across the country, living in more than 64,000 homes.

Most of our homes are homes for rent at prices significantly lower than those charged in the private market. We also provide affordable home ownership options and homes that people can purchase outright on the open market – recognising that the shortage of housing in this country affects those seeking to buy a home too. This range of housing meets a range of needs, and any profit we make on homes for outright sale helps us invest in and build more affordable homes.

As well as being a housing provider we also invest in our residents and the communities in which we work. We deliver activities and programmes designed to strengthen people’s skills and capacities such as helping people to find work, start a business, or boost their career with qualifications and training. We also provide specialist support for our residents when they need it most to help alleviate acute hardship.

There is extraordinary demand for our homes and services. We want to do as much as possible to meet that demand, and to be here for as many people as possible.