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Newbridge Advisors endorses SRS

We are delighted to welcome Newbridge Advisors as endorsers of the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing (SRS). The team at Newbridge specialises in infrastructure advisory, institutional debt placement and regeneration and development consultancy. As endorsers of the SRS they have committed to promote the adoption and implementation of the SRS.

Grant Vaughan, who is a partner at Newbridge said: “We are proud to be an endorser of the SRS. Time has shown that the SRS provides structure to constantly evolving sustainability dynamics. We are of the view that every housing association has a unique story to tell, but it is clear that the SRS forms the foundation for those stories.

“As an endorser, Newbridge would like to see widespread use of the SRS in helping our clients drive forward their sustainability strategies.”

Welcome to the SRS community Newbridge. We look forward to working alongside you and supporting your clients to report on their ESG performance in a transparent, consistent and comparable way.