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Platform Housing: how the SRS informs and enhances our sustainability strategy

Platform Housing is the largest housing association in the Midlands and one of the largest in the country, owning over 47,000 homes

SRS helps with sustainability strategy

Platform considers ESG to be a key part of its core operations and strategy, identifying sustainability, environmental and social value creation as one of six strategic areas of focus. Linking financing activities to sustainability is a key part of the Group’s Treasury Strategy and the SRS provides an ideal platform to support communications with investors and other stakeholders. 

Structured data

The set of metrics that the SRS provides for reporting ESG activities creates a structure that the Group has been able to leverage to help identify and evaluate performance, as well as use to consider future targets.  The metrics are clearly set out and easy to report against, where data is available. 

Comparing to other sectors

We see the SRS as the key medium for reporting ESG activities to our investors going forwards, allowing us to highlight performance and set targets.  In addition, we hope to use the SRS to assess and benchmark the impact of our sustainability and ethical practices against others in the sector. 

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